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Trebuchet MS
Trebuchet MS
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120Government Minister celebrates small business start-ups using BankSearch data
119BBC uses BankSearch data to inform article on Start-ups in Wales
118The British Business Bank values BankSearch’s Business Start-up Data
117The “entrepreneurial spirit” of the Lakes
116BankSearch’s “report ranks West top for business start-ups”, writes Business Leader
115The Economist uses BankSearch’s Business Start-up Data to inform its latest article on Bristol
114The Economist uses BankSearch’s Start-up data
113Making it easier to set up and grow a business
112UK housing market report
111Conditions set fair for paying down debt
110Interest payments consumed less income in November
109House Price Index - January 2009
108Mortgage Landscape Reshaped In 2008
107House Price Index - December 2008
106CML research on housing equity through the downturn
105House Price Index - February 2009
104Lending declines further in January
103House purchase lending edges up, remortgaging declines, but spring has not sprung yet
102Lowest mortgage costs since 2004, says CML
101House Price Index - March 2009
100The mortgage market: Issues for debate
99Borrowers switch back to fixes
98House Price Index - April 2009
97Tightening in lending criteria abates: CML
96House Price Index - May 2009
95Market stabilising but not yet 'normal'
94House Price Index - June 2009
93Scottish mortgage market begins to stabilise in second quarter
92July house purchase lending up on a year ago for first time in over two years
91House Price Index - July 2009
90Two speed mortgage market in August
89House Price Index - August 2009
88How quickly will first-time buyers return to the market?
87One third of first-time buyers make lucky stamp duty escape
86House Price Index - September 2009
85Prospects for building societies
84Lending to first-time buyers up 26% in Scotland
83Loans for house purchase at their highest for nearly two years
82House Price Index - October 2009
81Winners and losers from the stamp duty holiday
80Proportion of income needed for new mortgages at five-year low
79House Price Index - November 2009
78Stamp duty rush caused 2-year December high in first-time buyers
77House Price Index - December 2009
76Scottish mortgage market recovering - but slower than UK as whole
75What happened in the regions in 2009?
74January cheaper property sales hit by end of stamp duty holiday
73LCR Economic Bulletin February 2010
72House Price Index - January 2010
71Leeds City Region - Economic Bulletin, March 2010
70Mortgage market saw modest recovery in February
69House Price Index - February 2010
68March sees continued growth in house purchase activity
67House Price Index - March 2010
66Leeds City Region - Economic Bulletin, April 2010
65Lowest share of house purchase market for first-time buyers since 2007
64House Price Index - April 2010
63State of the countryside 2010
62Movers spend lowest ever average proportion of income on their mortgages
61House Price Index - May 2010
60Fixed rate mortgages gained in popularity in June
59House Price Index - June 2010
58Sheffield City Region Economic Bulletin August 2010
57LCR Economic Bulletin July 2010
56Proportion of income needed for home-mover mortgages in Scotland lower than anywhere else in the UK
55July sees continuing subdued mortgage market
54House Price Index - July 2010
53Leeds City Region Economic Bulletin August 2010
52Deep impact: how many good borrowers is regulation prepared to exclude?
51Wearsiders choosing to be their own boss
50Only a quarter of all new home loans in August were for remortgage
49House Price Index - August 2010
48Leeds City Region Economic Bulletin September 2010
47House Price Index - September 2010
46September sees little movement in mortgage market
45Derby City Council publishes their draft Locacl Economic Assessment
44York and North Yorkshire Local Economic Assessment
43BankSearch business starts in the North East during a period of rising JSA claimant numbers
42Kirklees Local Economic Assessment Draft
41Leeds City Region Economic Bulletin November 2010
40Subdued mortgage market in Scotland broadly parallel to UK as whole
39October saw expected decline in mortgage lending
38House Price Index - October 2010
37Leeds City Region Economic Bulletin December 2010
36Business Start-Ups 2008-2010 in Northumberland
35Business is booming in Bromley
34Gateshead Offers Help to Go It Alone
33Business and Enterprise in Derby
32The East Riding of Yorkshire Local Economic Assessment
31Regional Intelligence Snapshot for the South East
30Regional Intelligence Snapshot for the South East - April 2010
29London Borough of Southwark: Enterprise Quarterly Bulleting: Q4 2009/10 update
28Fall in Bromley business start-ups
27York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Economic Monitor - Data File
26County Durham Economic Assessment Monthly Economic Update - August 2011
25Southwark Council Economic Development Bulletin - Key Statistics September 2011
24Brighton & Hove City Plan Employment Policy Options Paper
23North Yorkshire Economic Monitor October 2011
22Business Start-ups in Gloucestershire
21Leeds City Region LEP - Economic & Business Intelligence Update
20North Yorkshire Economic Monitor December 2011
19Record number of new businesses created in York and Selby
18Leeds City Region LEP - Economic & Business Intelligence Update February 2012
17Leeds City Region LEP - Economic & Business Intelligence Update March 2012
16County Durham Economic Assesment - Monthly Economic Update March 2012
15North Yorkshire Economic Monitor - February 2012
14North Yorkshire Economic Monitor - March 2012
13York is booming with business start-ups
12West of England Quarterly Economic Bulletin - April 2012
11Record number of business accounts opened in Harrow
10Central Bedfordshire Quarterly Economic Monitoring Report - August 2012
9Ride the economic wave: cash in on your social network capital
8North Yorkshire Economic Monitor - August 2012
7Bristol Economic Briefing September 2012
6The Labour Market Information Portal for Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham
5West of England LEP Quarterly Economic Bulletin - January 2013
4Business Data - Business Start-Ups Information - updated April 2013
3North Yorkshire Economic Monitor - April 2013
2Local Economy Monitor: July—December 2012
1Prime Minister, David Cameron, uses figures, compiled by BankSearch, at the Scottish Tory Party Conference

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